With a few simple steps, you can easily connect Chative with your Facebook page. With this integration, you can manage all your business conversations with your team right inside our inbox system, especially when you have multiple Facebook pages.

Furthermore, you can also use our automation tools such as Campaign, Broadcast, Chatbot to automate your support process and engage with customers better.

Before publishing your bot, you'll need to:
  • Have a Facebook Account
  • Have a Facebook Page (you are its admin)

Note: You can only connect one live chat to one Facebook Page. 

Connect Chative with Facebook

The integration takes only a few minutes. Log in to Chative and follow these steps:

1.  From your navigation, go to Channels and create a Facebook Messenger channel

2. Go to the Facebook Page section and click the Connect Facebook Account button.

3. Provide your Facebook credentials and click on Log in.

4. Next, click on Continue as [your Facebook account name] button.

5. Select the pages you want to connect to Chative and click on Next.

6. Make sure to give us full permission to access your pages and click on Done.

7. Click on the Ok button

8. Choose a page from the chosen list of Facebook pages in step 5 to connect Chative. 

In case you want to change the list of Facebook pages or add the new one, please disconnect the current Facebook page and click the Reload Facebook Page button. 

The Facebook Page setting tab will pop up and you will start the whole process again from step 4. In this step, choose the option Edit Settings instead of Continue as [your Facebook account name] to continue the setup.

Customize Live chat behaviors

There are some options to customize the behaviors of your chatbot on Messenger, which are:
  • Disable Composer: This option allows your chat users to interact with your bot via buttons, quick replies, and reviews. So they are not able to type text under their responses. 
  • Enable audience filtering: Chat users from the whitelist countries will see your bot on discovery surfaces on the Messenger platform, while the customers from Blacklisted countries cannot.

Disconnect Facebook

When you want to disconnect the live chat out of your Facebook page or remove the old current page to replace it with the new one, all you need to do is click the Disconnect button next to the current connected one.

And that’s it! You have known all the setup for your Facebook page in our system. Now, let's learn how to install live chat into your Facebook page and start to get messages from your customers right in the Chative application